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Ceramic Coating  in Loveland, Ohio

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Why have your vehicles ceramic coated? Because it offers permanent protection from the daily obstacles your vehicle is up against. Bug guts, tree sap, bird poop and environmental fall out will etch into the paint if it’s not properly protected. Road tar or paint, abrasive dust from construction and the summer sun are detrimental. All of these things combined will DESTROY your cars finish. Top performing wax and sealants last at best 6-8 months under ideal conditions and are a penetrable after just a few weeks. Top-of-the-line Gtechniq Smart Surface Coatings are guaranteed to last 9 years! Wax is dead.


Ceramic coatings are brought to you by: Nanotechnology, cutting edge ceramic and composite nanoparticles, YEARS of real-world exposure and THOUSANDS of vehicles coated.  What does that mean? The hardened hydrophobic, high-gloss, impermeable, seriously slick ceramic coating that’s especially easy to maintain will keep your vehicle looking BETTER than day one. PERMANENTLY!

Ceramic Coating for the paint

Ceramic Coating Comparison

Ceramic Coatings don’t have to be expensive to be effective! A 3-5 year coating on a brand new vehicle could be as little as $250. Prices are determined by two main factors: The level of protection you’re getting and the cost of correcting the paint to perfection. You can learn more about the paint correction process here. Proper paint correction ultimately separates amateurs from professionals. The novice detailer will likely leave behind swirls, halos, buffer trails and scratches that could have been removed by someone that knows what they’re doing. Follow that with a coating and you now have a really expensive problem. Our motto: Do it right so you don’t have to do it again.   

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Wheel Coating & Glass Coating

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Leather, Fabric & Dash coatings

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