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Detail Services in  Loveland, Ohio


  • Wheels/Wells & Tires
  • Door Jambs & Gas  Cap
  • Remove Bugs & Tar
  • Hand Wash & Dry
  • Liquid Crystalline Wax
  • Dress Tires, Trim & Moldings
  • Windows, Mirrors & Chrome

Signature Full Detail

Our most popular package is the Signature Full Detail, it built our business. Competitively priced and more thorough then the competitions detail it’s the perfect place to start. It ensures a perfectly clean interior and an exterior that’s more than suitable for the everyday vehicle. Upgrading to one of the packages below can increase the protection and reflection of the exterior.    


  • Air Purge & Vacuum
  • Clean Headliner
  • Dash, Vents, Cracks & Crevices 
  • Upholstery/Leather & Seat belts
  • Shampoo Carpets & Mats
  • Condition & Dress 
  • Clean Windows 

 large SUVs / Minivans: $300-$350

Coupes & Sedans: $200-$250

3rd Row SUV's: $275-$325     

Trucks  &  Wagons: $250-$300 

*Prices are based on overall condition of the vehicle* 
Wheel detailing
wheel cleaning
soap foamer
tire cleaning
fender well detail
wheel cleaning
tire cleaning
hand wash
pressure washer
door jambs
wheel wipe
tire dressing
fender well dressing
air purge
vacuum interior
clean headliner
clean dashboard
wipe dashboard
clean vents
crack cleaning
hidden spots
shampoo seats
seat cleaning
dressing interior
shinny interior
clean glass
dress triming
shampoo carpets
scrub mats
hot water extractor
clean mat
condition leather
scratch removal
clean trunk
detailed car
interior detail
detailed jeep


clar bar


Clay Bar Treatment

The clay bar will remove contaminants from the surface of your clearcoat that a washing will not. This results in a smoother longer lasting shine. 

clay bar diagram

Polymer Sealant 

Engine Bay Detail

A sealant that's applied to the entire exterior, even the glass! Aqua Seal offers total protection for 6-12 weeks.

polymer sealant
engine detail

For the totally clean feeling we'll detail and dress the engine bay. A must do for anyone selling their vehicle.

Vice President


Achieve longer lasting protection of 6-8 months with a machine applied premium product

premium wax
carnuba wax
vice president package



For the vehicle that has a few years under its belt. We'll machine polish the painted surfaces to remove light scratches and oxidation to restore that lost luster. 

presidential polish

Express Detail

Our express Detail is perfect for those who keep their car tidy. It will also extend the life of a full detail indefinitely if done in regular intervals. This popular package is often used by our customers in tandem with our Mobile Unit to maintain a clean vehicle year round.   

Hand Wash & Dry - Wheels - Door Jambs & Gas Cap - Spray Wax - Windows & Mirrors - Dress Tires


Air Purge & Vacuum - Wipe Dash, Center Console & Doors - Clean Windows 



Express detail spray
Express detail tires
Express detail wheels
Express detail fender wells
Express detail bug remover
Express detail mat cleaning
Express detail hand wash
Express detail door jamb
Express detail spray wax
Express detail towel dry
Express detail air purge
Express detail vacuum
Express detail dashboard
Express detail wipe down
Express detail blow out
Express detail clean doors
Express detail clean windows
Express detail dress tires
Express detail dirty bmw
Express detail clean bmw
Express detail dirty wheel
Express detail clean wheel
Express detail dirty interior
Express detail clean interior
Express Detail
Odor Removal
Headlight Restoration

Odor Removal

The smells of smoke, mildew, spoiled milk, vomit etc. are intolerable. We’ve put together a system that will eliminate all of those smells and many more. We start with our thorough interior detail using a bio-enzymatic cleaner followed by a steam cleaning of the air ducts. Then we use a combination of ozone shock treatment, chlorine dioxide vapors and Ordenone Bombs to eradicate the smell. This will leave the interior sanitized with a neutral smell, no reeking chemicals.  

steam clean
odor removal


Headlight Restoration

Light output can be significantly reduced by up to 75% by oxidized headlights. That’s unsafe and it just looks bad. We’ll use a combination of oxidation remover and wet sanding to get down to a clean base. Then polish them back to like new condition and put three layers of a UV protective clear coating with a three year warranty.     


Headlight restoration
headlight polish
headlight oxidation
oxidation removal
dirty headlights
restored headlights

Paint Correction 

Paint correction is done in the pursuit of perfection. Imperfections like swirl marks, scratches from automatic car washes, acid rain etc. can ruin the paints reflection. We’re able to restore your paint to its original mirror finish by using abrasive compounds, polish and glazes.  

paint correction diagram

Call For Pricing

mustang gt500 paint correction
acid rain
compound polish
deep scratches
scratch remover
buffing car
Paint Correction
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