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Window Tint in Loveland, OH

Besides the obvious facts that you get added privacy and it looks cool, window tint provides other protection as well. UV protection blocking up to 99% of the sun’s harmful rays and up to 88% of the heat. It will help protect your interior from fading and in an accident it can help with shattering glass.

We only use quality window tint that’s guaranteed not to fade or degrade. Backed by our lifetime installation warranty that protects against bubbles or peeling. Expert installation combined with the accuracy of computer cut tint guarantees a nice clean install.  

Computer Cut Tint

Solar FX.png

Pick your window tint

Tint Wiz Digital Spec Sheets Solar FX_CarbonFX.jpg


Tint Wiz Digital Spec Sheets Solar FX_FXtreme2.jpg


Pick your shade

window tint shade.png

Call For Pricing

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