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Boat Detailing in Loveland, Ohio

Detailing Services

The Cincinnati area has lacked a reputable detailer that has the experience, space, time and manpower to handle boats. We have all of those things and are quickly becoming the go-to shop for all types of recreational watercraft. We service boats in the water, on stands or a trailer and are fully mobile with a 5,000 sqft shop for year round service. From a regularly scheduled maintenance wash and wax to restoring oxidized gel-coat to its former glory. Can't make it out to Loveland, Ohio... Will bring the Mobile Detailing Unit to you!

Smooth Sailing Package

Our most popular package is perfect if the boats finish is dull or has light to moderate oxidation. We use a combination of abrasive compounds, polish and glazes to restore the gel-coat. Then we’ll seal it all with a marine specific product. Every square inch of the inside gets a detailed cleaning followed by 303 Protectants. This is our most thorough package and leaves no surface untouched.        

  • Acid clean hull
  • Wash boat & trailer
  • Detail clean interior 
  • Clean snap-in carpet
  • Cut & Polish Gel-Coat
  • Apply 303 Protectant
  • Clean glass
  • Seal interior floor
  • Wax & seal gel-coat
  • Spray gloss enhancer 
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Ranger 521C-14
Boat Storage
Boat detailing
Starting at $50/ft
Boat trailer wheel cleaning
Boat detailer
boat wash
boat pressure wash
boat wax
boat interior clean
boat wipe down
boat glass cleaning
303 protectant
removing wax
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Express Wash & Wax

The Express Wash & Wax is ideal for those who keep their boat in good condition or have just purchased a new boat and wish to keep it looking that way indefinitely. We recommend this service at least once a year, more often if your boat is on the water the whole season.    

Wash Exterior & Trailer - Wipe Interior - Clean Glass - 303 Vinyl Protectant - Wax & Seal Gel-Coat  

Starting at $35/ft

Maintenance Wash

If you’re an avid boater and would like to have your boat washed on a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly basis this program is for you. We can tailor suit a package that meets all of your requirements. We'll do as much or little as you’d like as often as you need. Our uniformed crew will bring the Mobile Unit to your marina, in the lot or on the dock we have you covered.    

mobile boat washing
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Shrink Wrapping

We got into the shrink wrap business because every spring we’d detail a dozen boats that had mold and mildew stains from an inferior wrap job. When removing the shrink wrap we took note of the flimsy sub-structures, lack of air flow or moisture absorbing buckets and poor wrapping techniques. We corrected, perfected and modified what we had learned into a method that guarantees no failure, no mold and no shortcuts.    

Remove moisture -  Secure loose items - Build sturdy sub-structure - 10lb Damp Rid - Stretch & shrink wrap - Install vents - Tape seams   

Starting at $25/ft
Shrink Wrapping structure
Shrink Wrapping structure
Shrink Wrapping mold control
Shrink Wrapping vent
Shrink Wrapping pontoon
Shrink wrap mobile
Shrink wrap heated
Shrink Wrapping strength
Shrink Wrapping cincinnati
Shrink Wrapping kentucky
Shrink Wrapping boats
Shrink Wrapping travel
Shrink Wrapping transport
Shrink Wrapping boats
Shrink Wrapping protective
Shrink Wrap prop
Shrink Wrap cincinnati

We’ve always offered pick-up/drop-off to our detail and shrink wrap customers. After many trips to and from the local marinas and people asking us to tow their boat for them at the opening and ending of each season we started our transportation service. Fully insured and experienced with all types of boats the owner of Unique does all the towing.   

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